ISHA PROTECTIONAL SECURITY GUARD PVT. LTD have been providing manned guarding services to a wide range of businesses across India, thus we have a wealth of experience in the protection of property and personnel. We have acquired PSAR (Private Security Agencies Regulation) Act, 2015 license to operate in several states in India. As per the regulations of this Act, we have established training centres to impart the requisite 240 hours of training to security personnel. We believe this will not only help us become more legally compliant, but will also enable us to provide improved security management and customer service to our clients.

ISHA PROTECTIONAL SECURITY GUARD PVT. LTD provide Armed Security Guards to customers who require high security coverage, such as Financial Institutions, ATM’s, Jewelers and so on. These security guards hold government licensed firearms and are rigorously trained to respond to unusual or emergency situations at the customer’s site using the appropriate escalation of force level / armed response as per established protocol.


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