ISHA PROTECTIONAL SECURITY GUARD PVT. LTD provides services for government institution. Government institutions, both large and small, have struggled for years to keep pace with malicious hackers and insider threats. Cybercrime is becoming innovative and ruthless, and therefore government agencies and federal institutions need to look beyond traditional methods to prevent cyber espionage and ensure the protection of sensitive data and critical infrastructure.

The Security Systems subcategory includes alarm and signal systems, cameras, detection equipment, and fences, gates, and components. Requirements for closed circuit television (CCTV) systems, alarm systems, and access control systems are also included. Physical security covers physical or protective measures designed to safeguard personnel, facilities, national borders, and critical infrastructure. These offerings help to prevent unauthorized access to materials and documents, and safeguard against terrorism, espionage, sabotage, damage, weapons of mass destruction, and theft.


ISHA PROTECTIONAL SECURITY GUARD PVT. LTD also have available a range of incident recording technologies such as body worn cameras, in-vehicle solutions, and Point-of-View (e.g., on eyeglasses) devices. Storage and editing capability can also be provided. Detection equipment includes innovative turn key operations such as multi-view x-ray systems that are evolving and maintain pace with security threats and detection standards.


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